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Landis International Inc. is a world leader manufacturing for new and reconditioned quality machinery equipment used for orthopedic and shoe repair industry.  Already the undisputed leader and main supplier for North America, Landis has steadily increased his international reach over the past few years! And It’s with great pride that we have recently stepped foot on Australian ground, where a qualified team is now available to meet our clientele needs. 

Establish in Canada since 1953, the company was originally founded in 1895 in St-Louis Missouri as Landis Shoe Machinery. Thru the years Landis has been developing its expertise with a strong and experienced R&D crew, supported by a team of designers and technicians. Conscientious of our customer realities and needs we have always adapted our lines of product to match their technical realities.

At Landis International, you will also find tools, accessories as well as all parts required for the maintenance of your equipment built to last a lifetime!

Who Are We?

Landis International Inc., a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic and shoe repair machinery, is the undisputed leader and the Industry,s main supplier for North America! Landis International offers new and reconditioned quality equipment, tools and as well as the necessary parts required for the maintenance of equipment built to last a lifetime! For more than 50 years, this dynamic leader has specialized in the development and distribution of equipment designed to make their customers' life easier. For the past few years, it experienced renewed growth as it gained international recognition and increased its market share. With its strong and experienced R&D crew, supported by designers and technicians, Landis International knows how to adapt to emerging technical realities. As well, it rapidly meets its clientele,s new requirements and adapts its products to their demands. 

Customer and after-sales service

Landis International Inc. is truly committed to providing customer satisfaction at all times. Before you become one of our customers, we take extra care to fully understand your needs, the tasks at hand and your budget, in order to guide you in the most efficient way when choosing your tools and equipment. Once you purchase our products, we will be there to answer your questions, provide explanations as to the use and maintenance procedures, and help you find parts and users' manuals, so you can get the most out of our products. 


As a privileged Canadian exporter, Landis International is a certified member of the C-TPAT program, guaranteeing the integrity of the supply chain both in production and shipping. C-TPAT membership reduces the number of CBP inspections and allows for priority processing, ensuring quicker delivery and regular supplies. As a result of this program:

  • Customs clearance paperwork is reduced;
  • Importers are not required to send information on each and every transaction;
  • Trucks carrying cargo for C-TPAT members use reserved lanes;
  • Border inspections are reduced six to eightfold

For the benefit of its clientele, Landis International stays one step ahead, always, being one of Quebec’s first 200 companies to be validated. .


At Landis International Inc., we value your peace of mind. Even though our products are manufactured according to the most rigorous standards, they are also covered by a one-year limited warranty. In the event of a mechanical failure, we will do everything in our power to help you resume normal operations as soon as possible. To help you get the most out of our equipment, we provide documentation and train all our technical support staff on the proper use, tuning and repair of our products, whether new or reconditioned. Take advantage of our online repair assistance and its wealth of useful advice, constantly updated with experience gained while solving the problems of other customers like you.